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Success Stories

Mufti Fashion Designer Wear

In a highly competitive and evolved market, launching Mufti and carving a niche was the primary challenge To support and sustain this brand, a sound organizational set up was a critical factor.

JMC took up this twin challenge of “creating the front-end face” as well as developing a strong “back end infrastructure”

JMC’s specialized modules

  • Setting up systems and organizational infrastructure

  • Achieving high efficiency and productivity levels

  • Building a strong brand and customer-pull in the market

  • Managing and growing the business
  • Mr. Jagdish Joshi
    Mr. Kamal Khushlani,
    Director of the Mufti

    Alfaa Water Purifiers

    Pioneer brand facing challenges

  • A leading name, Alfaa faced intense competition and faced volume decline

  • Key task was to re-establish the direct selling approach

  • Combined with revamping of marketing team

  • Boost up promotional activities

  • Key thrust area was on building a strong numbers-driven sales task force

  • Success of the JMC modules

  • Implemented totally new and fresh selling approach

  • Developed aggressive and committed sales team

  • Introduced employee- friendly monitoring and controlling systems

  • Bring consistence sales growth of about 40%

  • Bio Medical Industry

    The challenges

  • Infuse a professional competent business approach through setting up a sound organizational set up.

  • Develop an effective selling system in key areas

  • Develop professional sales team

  • Improve sales volumes through introducing new product category

  • Key thrust area was on building a strong numbers-driven sales task force

  • Results

  • A streamlined and well managed sales channel

  • Sharp growth in volumes and revenues

  • Motivated employees, focused management

  • Anjali Kitchenware


    An old, trusted household brand in kitchen appliances, faced sales decline and losing 'relevance' from consumers in the wake of tough competition from MNC and strong domestic brands.

    Main issues

  • Selling pattern + distribution network

  • Poor penetration by sales team

  • Poor brand recall + no communication

  • Poor management of retail segment

  • Applying JMC modules : results

  • Successfully set up a strong selling pattern through distribution systems

  • Enhanced brand image through a new advertising campaign

  • Opened up new areas and avenues for sales

  • Developed a robust sales team for increased market penetration

  • Leon International

    Energizing an electrical product
    Launch + volumes + leadership

    Launching of premium product modular switches

  • Developing sales and marketing oriented organization

  • Creating strong base of sales team at all india level

  • Establishing project oriented selling pattern

  • Nurturing proper understanding of distributors to generate volume sales

  • Electrifying results

  • Strong result oriented 100+ sales team

  • Implemented monitoring & controlling systems within the organization

  • Set up ctc & incentive based program

  • Set up an in-house branding cell.

  • Established the brand in the premium segment.

  • Streamlined branch operations.

  • Converted it into a profit center.

  • Aspee

    Aspee agricultural sprayer & dusters

    Launching of premium product modular switches

  • Streamline Distributors and Dealer selling Pattern

  • Create a strong sales team for deep coverage

  • Create a target oriented whole-sale selling system

  • Reestablish sales promotional activities aggressively

  • Open up new avenues of selling to generate consistent sales throughout the year

  • The results

  • Introduced many effective and result oriented promotional activities in rural marketing and Developed strong image about the products

  • Improved sales performance by 50% quickly, which was stagnated since long

  • Brought in new vision and mission in the whole working culture

  • Established strong report-systems amongst the company, distributors, sales team, and market

  • Infuse new selling and monitoring system in the field force

  • Anchor Plywood

    Product: Plywood

  • Develop effective and efficient organization system

  • Make all branch operation profitable

  • Developed result oriented sales team at an all india level

  • Re-established brand image in the market

  • To make it profit-oriented organization

  • Create strong all india marketing setup

  • The results

  • Developed a fresh thinking about long term mission and vision

  • Developed dedicated sales team focused on project sales

  • Established good rapport amongst company, distributors, dealers and sales team

  • Streamlined mis and review system

  • Performance appraisal systems to improve efficiency of each individual

  • Created in house brand building team to enhance on going visibility

  • Sejal Glass

    A successful 16 year old glass processing company, sejal glass faced a unique problem. Despite growth and performance, there was no sense of a commanding corporate identity. Further, they were not geared up to handle an ocean of 'growth opportunity'

    The multiple challenges faced by sejal glass were:

    Launching of premium product modular switches

  • Building a strong brand image

  • Streamlining and setting up of processes, systems to build efficiency

  • Reengineering sales & marketing set-ups

  • Business strategy for various product segments

  • The results

  • Riding on the waves of success with premium new brands in various segments like lunaro, c-no-c, fresca etc

  • Enjoys a professional image. Driven by a professional approach

  • Business expansion: beyond core product (glass). Foraying into a major retail initiative

  • Professionally managed and motivated team of performers, contributing to the company's growth and goodwil

  • Ruff Kids Wear

    Good brand enjoying a good image, faced unique challenges:
    Launch + volumes + leadership

    Launching of premium product modular switches

  • Revamp organizational set up to face market challenges

  • Create a strong sales and marketing set up

  • Improve customer service and confidence levels

  • Healthier, Bigger, Better

  • Systems in place

  • Sales Boost

  • Sound infrastructure

  • Effective Sales / Marketing formats

  • Zytex Textile Chemicals

    The issues

    Launching of premium product modular switches

  • Setting up an all india marketing set up

  • Develop and establish an export market

  • Effective efficient organizational systems

  • Grip in the domestic chemicals market

  • Jmc solutions

  • Developed and launched the new zytex brand

  • Created efficient

  • Export division

  • Strong sales support for healthy exports

  • Robust distribution system across 25 countries

  • Set up organizational systems & policies

  • Developed new product formation (extension)

  • Mapro Foods

    The challanges

  • Develop a strong distributor and dealer network

  • Build an effective sales team

  • Streamline pricing and distribution pattern

  • Develop a grip in the highly competitive fmcg market

  • The results

  • Mapro built a robust effective sales team

  • Distribution was streamlined completely

  • Minimized operational costs and wastages

  • Implemented various sales and marketing modules to help the employees evaluate success levels on their own

  • Bikaji

    Key challenges

  • Develop strong dealer/distributor system

  • Streamline pricing & distribution channel

  • Boost sales team efficiency

  • Results

  • A streamlined and well managed distribution

  • Retail boost, and growth in volumes

  • Developed a strong front-line sales task force

  • Boss Home Appliances

    Key challenges

  • Develop strong dealer/distributor system

  • Streamline pricing & distribution channel

  • Boost retail sales

  • Strengthen brand image

  • Results

  • Streamline pricing & distribution channel

  • Boost retail sales

  • Strengthen brand image

  • Euro Vitrified Tiles

    Key challenges

  • Develop solid brand building

  • Develop sales & marketing orientation

  • Strong all-india sales team to be built

  • Establishing project oriented selling system

  • Understanding distributors and motivating them to boost overall sales

  • People management: staff motivation and time management disciplines

  • Results of JMC module applications

  • Developed new theme and concept to establish vitrified tiles in the market

  • Opened up new avenues of export to generate volume sales

  • Built strong sales team consisting of 125+ people

  • Established proper monitoring and controlling systems

  • Introduced CTC and incentive based patterns

  • Created in house brand building cellmanaged to position brand in the premium segment

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