The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it


Are You Crazy For Life

A result of an extensive experience that spans over 30 years, the colloquies with more than one million sales and marketing professionals including CEO’s, Directors, Managers, Dealers and Distributors, as well as, the practical guidance extended to about 60 companies from 32 different industries, Crazy Series is an is an attempt of further widening the craze of being crazy.

You must have observed it is not the falling but the fear of falling that kills you, it is not the depth but the fear of sailing that drowns you, it is not the speaking but the fear of facing the crowd that scares you, similarly, it is not the strategies alone but the crazy attitude to transform it into reality that certains your success.

Business is nothing but a pagalpan. Whether you believe it or not, if you are crazily passionate about what you are doing, if you are extremely mad about appending your time, which you definitely don’t know how-much of it, only then will you be able to live your goals.

After consulting over 60 companies from 30 different industries and in connection with the same traveled across the globe, one thing I can rest assure is that knowledge alone can’t win you success. To be extremely successful in life, business, career, or relationship it is quiet essential to be extra ordinarily crazy in everything you do.

Put your mind, body and soul into your ambitions and you will be amazed to see how fast you convert them into reality. This is the axiom around which our lives rotate, as well as, revolve.

In life you will always get a choice - shaping others dream or making others shape yours. It purely depends on you what choice you make.

“Success does not come to the most educated or the most literate, rather it is grabbed by the most craziest or the most passionate.”

Based on this philosophy of success, Crazy Series is a series of three books – Crazy for Life, Crazy for Sales, and Crazy for Success. It is nothing but a memoir of the transformations I have brought about in multiple businesses and the path of success I have shoveled for them. During this course, I have come across entrepreneurs who desire to achieve big goals, yet they are simply clueless on how to accomplish it. I have met number of sales people who successfully achieve their targets, yet fail to add up to the company revenues. I have met people who are marvelous human beings, but fail to maintain their relationships.

They lack the pagalpan, the passion, the enthusiasm, the craziness, the curiosity to take it ahead. Resultantly, they give up. Crazy Series, thus, reveals the secret of how you can develop the stick-to-it-ness attitude in life.
Moreover, it is about the whys-and-hows of establishing yourself as a successful person, an extra ordinary entrepreneur, a mind blowing achiever.

Book after book, each series reveal secrets of business theology that are been extended through my Management learning programme-cum-workshop - Businessman ki Pathshala.

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