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Service Like A Madman

Sell Like Great Man Give Service Like A Madman

By choosing ‘Sales’ as your profession, without even you realise you have already crossed the first hurdle of this vocation. Why do you think, no parents talk about wanting their children to grow up and become a successful salesman. Because, everybody knows ‘sales’ is one of the toughest job in the world and to be a ‘salesman’ and proudly say it, you need guts. Taking sales as your career, you have already proven your ability to swim against the tide.

Selling is tough during rough good time but it tougher during bad times. The phase that we are going today is probably the toughest time a sales person will see in his lifetime and this is the first time for all salespersons in the industry that they are seeing such bad times. And due to the lack of knowledge, a few sales professionals have resorted to distress selling, wherein the ultimate aim is to sell the product, the means and ethics taking a backseat. With my knowledge, I have tried to bring out some ways and measures that you can approach and get over the tough times winning.

To sell is a knack, not everybody can do it. There are unscrupulous elements in the industry who have spoiled the name of this noble profession, the reason for which sales is not the most happening industry. You can sell anything to anybody but to sell something that is of use to the opposite person and which will elevate him by his status or knowledge is your achievement. A customer’s satisfaction must be your incentive.

Selling what is not necessary to a customer will get a single sale but try to sell that is of use to the customer, he will either get you more customers or will come himself back to buy more. And when a customer returns to a sales person, that is an achievement. The book exactly talks about this – why is it important to sell what the customer needs and not what you want.

Sales, today is not about selling products but it is about selling solutions. Customers do not come with the want of a particular product. It is your ability to think on the foot, understand the need of the customer and package the product in a way that is helpful to him. As a salesman you have to sell solutions. You have to create the need for the product but in a way that the customer even after the leaving the store feels proud to own that product.

Every sales person has a career graph; three stages precisely how the career treads. The first stage where you are only doing the Leg Work, the second stage where you are doing the Head Work and the third stage where it more of Brain Work and less of the Leg Work. The book also talks about how important it is to be in touch with the market and not just be in the confines of your cabin.

The topics covered in this book will help you understand the logic of selling. What I have tried to make you all realise is the need for ‘ethical selling’ and once you have understood ‘why’ you should sell, you will automatically know ‘how’ to sell.

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