The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it


Dare To Design Your Life

“The purpose of life is a life of purpose” --- Robert Byrne"

‘Dare to Design your Life’ is a book full of personal experiences. It is not an instructional manual that will advise you to do things in a particular fashion. Instead, this book is full of stories from real life, which you can correlate and identify with. The book is designed to avoid being preachy or idealistic. It will help you enrich your life and take a cue from the great stories chronicled in the following pages.

The concept of this book was developed after watching scores of people who are living life the theoretical way. Therefore, Dare to Design your Life is not a normal ‘do this, do that’ book. Think of it as a recipe book, wherein you will find ingredients like self-motivation and self-orientation that will add life to your years.

Today, people might be more knowledgeable than ever before. They have technology that earlier generations didn’t have access too and the resources to find the answers they are seeking. But self-orientation is at its lowest today. The fuel inside you that explodes into a burning core of desire is self-orientation. Self orientation is a package and consists of various elements – your understanding of life, gut feelings, inspiration, vision, mission, values and ethics. Collectively, they are called ‘self-orientation’.

We have the time and we have the resources, but we lack enthusiasm for our own lives. This, I feel, is the problem with the masses today. We are living life according to a staid timetable: rise-brush-eat-leave-work-come back-eat-sleep. Self-esteem is an alien concept because today, only time is money. People work 24/7, but many don't know why they work so hard, what they're working for or the purpose of their lives. This lackluster attitude has prompted me to write this book. It is ‘You’ that you should believe in, rather than the product or the company. ‘You’ have the power to change things. I want people to know what they are individually capable of achieving. You might have read scores of books with similar headlines and punch-lines, but friends, the content is fresh. It’s about your life and I am confident of this book, for I am a product of the market as well. The book is very much set in the realm of the possible and the achievable.

Remember, self-motivation is not difficult to achieve. The ‘I’ in you is what will make a difference. You have to work for yourself. Be selfish. When you are not serious, your problems will get serious. But if you are serious, you will seriously enjoy life! You are never going to be satisfied, if you do not know what will satisfy you. All successful people think on paper. If you have your goals written on a piece of paper, you get peace of mind, otherwise you will get pieces of mind!

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