The worth of a book is to be measured by what you cancarry away from it


Businessmen's Bhagavadgita

An outcome of the extensive experience that spans over 30 years, the colloquies with more than one million sales and marketing professionals including CEO's, Directors, Managers, Dealersand Distributors, as well as, the practical guidance I have extended to about 60 companies from 32 different industries, Businessmen's Bhagavadgita, is full of acid tested, proven formulas on how to make your business big.

Every chapter of this book has its own importance in itself. Keeping the problems of FMB's and SME's in mind, the book has been crafted in such a way that every single word, every single page, and every single chapter serves your queries related to your business battles.

This book acts like a mentor to those who have the skills to win, who have a heart of Arjuna, who have stepped in this business Kurukshetra with passion to succeed, courage to blaze new trails, determination to fulfill their dreams, and dedication to prove their mettle. But discouraged by unending problems, they are on the verge of surrender.

Though this book can't restrict the challenges from coming in your success, it surely upgrades you with views and news that will empower you to surpass every odd and transform it into a milestone.

By emphasizing on how changing his thought process, his mindset, and his attitude made victory certain for Arjuna, the book guides the reader to understand the essence of their business with an open mind. By highlighting the importance of moving your focus to solutions, it directs the reader to measure new heights of success. It enables them to reform their perception, broaden their vision, and change their mindset and attitude, which will successively convert the entire scenario into their favour, and problems will no longer seem to be a problem.

Acknowledged as a renowned Management Educator, Business Psychologist, and an appreciated author, I can assure you, be it business, family, or world, the 18 chapters of this book will empower you to triumph over any problem that you may come across. For it bears the potential to equip you with the right answers for all your problems. Wishing you a quench setting and a leisurely reading experience.

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