"There Is No Future In Any Business. The Future Lies With The Person Who Leads, Manages, & Control The Business."
- Jagdish Joshi

Focusing On Small & Medium
Enterprises (SME’s), Family Managed Business (FMB’s)
and Ambitious Entrepreneurs.

Does your organisation, or part of it, show any of the following symptoms?

  • Slow down in Business and Losing Confidence on yourself
  • Losing market share a little at a time & not responding
  • Your key personnel slowly being boiled and not responding to an ever-changing market place
  • Your marketing plans moving at a snail's pace and are you really dissatisfied with that speed
  • Your competition coming out with new products, promotions & programs while you aren't sure in which direction to go
  • Competitors seem to be more aggressive and they are eating away your market share.
  • Customers are dissatisfied with your sales and service team
  • Your Distributors & Dealers are behaving like son-in-law and never follow company policies
  • Organization growth and profitability are deteriorating
  • Facing liquidity problems, time and again

Do The Symptoms above prompt the following question in your mind

Why is this happening ?

How can I prevent it from happening again?

If You are open to innovate and targeting Success as your ultimate goal, then our consultancy would be a stepping stone towards your goal.

We are a consultancy group, with specialization in sales & Marketing and HRD applications

We aim sustainable and continuous improvement of an organization focusing on every aspect of working starting at the work place

"Make the right Move & your organization will undoubtedly be on par with the International Standards."


Jagdish Joshi

  • Experience that spans over 30 years in sales, marketing and HRD Disciplines at progressive organizations.
  • Founder of “Businessman Ki Pathshala” (BMPS) a unique learning programme specially designed for Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) and Family managed Business (FMB’s).
  • Author of seven books on Motivation, Management & Marketing.
  • Has traveled extensively to over 30 countries…amassed rich insights, observations and knowledge that enrich expertise in providing management solutions to Indian and global markets.
  • Proven mettle by providing edge to various brands, whilst managing projects across 240 cities and towns.
  • Trained scores of Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs and Professionals through Workshops, Seminars, Open Houses and Management Consultancy.
  • Turned around fortunes of many organizations by using exclusive and proprietary "toolkits" & modules.
  • Interacted with over 1 million Sales and Marketing professionals, including Dealers & Distributors.
  • Honed professional skills further as a Management Faculty with AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association), BMA (Bombay Management Association).
  • Has been highly acclaimed in various management disciplines, with a PG in system Management, Personnel Management & Industrial Relation (Jamanalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies) and MBA in Marketing.

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